Hair Wars: Episode I

Last Jan. 24, my husband and I took our son, Rafa, to get his very first haircut. As we were waiting for his turn, I was silently psyching myself for the entire process which I was anticipating to be painful. As we waited, I let my husband take care of Rafa while I mentally prepared myself to handle a screaming, thrashing baby. I knew I couldn’t lose my s**t.

A screaming baby was acceptable. a screaming mother, was not.

After roughly an hour, my son’s name was finally called. And so it had begun. Hair Wars: Episode I.

First, he put on his robe. It was fairly easy because there was no resistance. Then we sat him on his chair which I think was originally a toy car that they rigged and turned into a barber’s chair. Pretty ingenious, actually. And convenient because my son loves pretend-driving and I think the toy car chair put him on a really good mood.


Daddy putting on Rafa’s robe.



” I. CAN. DO. THIS.”

With the preliminaries done, the barber started snipping at his hair. I really thought the tantrum will commence as soon as the cutting did but I was pleasantly surprised that Rafa remained cool and collected. It helped that the salon we chose, Cuts4Tots, was a specialty salon for children, hence, the toys, colorful decor and children’s videos to keep the kids distracted and entertained. Once my son started getting restless, the receptionist just popped their Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD in the player and, voila! Tantrum averted.


The barber started snipping away but Rafa remained calm and still.


Snip, snip, snip while our little guy was distracted with this giant abacus-like toy.


Rafa oblivious to the big man with the scissors.


At one point, Daddy had to carry a semi-annoyed Rafa so the barber can finish cutting his hair.

Save for when Rafa started getting annoyed at having to sit still for too long and swatted the barber’s hand (“Ugh, stop touching me!”, is what I imagined Rafa wanted to say), the experience was not as arduous as I had expected. And now my little guy looks like this:


Hi, cutie!

And no, I did not keep a lock of my kid’s hair because I’m not sentimental like that but Rafa’s first salon trip will always be memorable mostly because it was one of my son’s first real life experiences. Getting his hair cut meant (and this hurts my heart a bit) my baby is, well, no longer that. It was his first foray into an activity people participate in routinely and to me, it symbolizes my son gradually easing into the world. Soon, he will be introduced to more “people experiences” and I am both excited and terrified. Much like his 1st first hair cut, I can never ascertain my son’s response to whatever life throws his way. He could crash and burn or waltz through life like a pro.  All I could do is to prepare myself for when he either fails or succeed and offer my love and support so that he can pick himself up and keep going.

Aaaaaaand that’s way too much “hugot” for a haircut.

See ya.



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